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Auto Maintenance, Transmission Fluid Change and More in Surrey

At Samra Autobody Ltd. we understand that auto body restoration is about more than just appearances. A shiny new coat of paint won’t do much for you if your vehicle isn’t properly maintained. Not only will we keep your car looking its best, but we also provide a wide range of automotive repair and maintenance services including car washes, tire rotations, and transmission fluid changes for Surrey motorists.

Our maintenance services include the following:

Car washes

Fluid replacement (battery, engine oil, power steering, transmission)

Tire rotations

Inspections (lights, timing belt, wiper blades, etc.)

Adjustments (tightening of nuts and bolts)

Lubrication (locks, hinges)

And more…

Our team of experts will help preserve the integrity of your vehicle and make sure you get the most from it for years to come. Enjoy your car to its fullest and get in touch with us today!

We Give Free Estimates

Get a free quote on how much your job will cost.

Fix Your Windshield

Stay safe and avoid the dangers of a chipped window.

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